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With a diverse population, unique cultural influences, and thousands of visitors every year, Miami is known as a major social, entertainment and international business hub. With visitors from all over the world Miami offers a large variety of things to do to make any experience in Miami memorable.

Our Miami Good Life Concierge team represents all the best qualities Miami has to offer! With a wealth of experience in vibe enhancement in both Lifestyle and Nightlife, we at Miami Good Life take pride in our numerous partnerships and affiliations with Miami based partners. Our many partnerships allow us to cater to any concierge service request in Miami, no matter the size.

Our Miami Good Life team is committed to providing you with exceptional service in Miami and around the world. The MGL team is available and ready to help you with any concierge need in Miami.

To experience the simplicity and convenience of our Miami Good Life concierge services feel free to fill out a contact form or for immediate assistance call us direct at (305) 767 - 5868, our concierge specialists are able to answer your questions 24/7, 365 days a year.

Meet The Team.

His  greatest strengths is being the guy who makes it happen and always coming through when needed with much dedication, it has taken 6 years of hard work and networking  to get were he is today and now that hard work is paying. Assisting people to have the best time in Miami. No matter how hard your task is never give up, always follow your dreams, they will come true.

He made the trek to the magic city to create Miami Good Life. Harold is an entrepreneur determined to succeed in every venture he chooses, Miami Good Life is the fruit of his passion. Never settling for nothing less then the finer things for everyone involved in his life. MGL is more than a company, its a philosophy, a way of life that everyone should be a part of.

Carlos Lives

Tel: 1-954-940-2001

Having attended the University if Miami Carlos (Los) understands the concept of work hard play hard better than anybody. An innovator by trade los prides himself on applying problem solving skills and creativity to enhance the vibes.

Harold Lozano

Tel: 1-305-767-5868

Mitchel Davis

Tel: 1-240-603-1614

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